soul strings

Soul Strings by Dee Nelson

Soul Strings is about serenity—the search for it and the unexpected ways it visits you. This wise, wistful little book by writer and textile artist Dee Nelson brings together to-scale photographs of 29 hand-stitched creations and brief, poetic reflections on each scene. The result, in essence, is a double meditation—what the heart sees while the eyes are studying the world.

“This book is a wondrous combination of needlework, photography and your writing. My breath skipped the first time I read it! Without a doubt, it will be the best gift I can give.”
— Becky Anderson, Founder, HandMade in America

“What a gem you’ve created… It’s still so impossible to realize that you can turn thread into oceans and rivers and trees and…the wind! And what a treat to savor your lovely, enigmatic verse. Such a gift!”
— Frank Lopez, Editor Emeritus of NYU Physician

Souls Strings is available for $19.95.
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Paperback: 58 pages

Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.75 inches



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